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Welcome to Mason's Regalia

Excellent quality masonic regalia and supplies, at affordable prices.

You can find a wide range of masonic regalia and supplies here at Mason's Regalia. We manufacture and supply superb regalia that is enjoyed by many Lodges and Masons around the world: each piece is hand embroidered and made of the finest quality material.

We have a great range of regalia available: from Masonic aprons to jewels, to templar swords to lodge banners, accessories (ties, lapel pins, gloves, cases, rings etc) to London Grand Rank regalia and everything in between. Masonic Lodges are always most welcome to visit our manufacturing factory here in Rotherham, where we would be delighted to show you our regalia and jewels being manufactured as you watch.

If you are new to the world of Freemasonry, have just been promoted to a new rank or order, or are simply buying a gift for a Mason friend or family member, our catalogue may seem a little daunting at first but we are here to help. Mason's Regalia are always happy to chat over the phone, via email or through our LiveZilla chat interface on this website. Have a question? Don't hesitate to ask - our staff members are dedicated to customer care, so feel free to ask for extra information on a particular item or for advice regarding finding the perfect gift for someone.

If you would like to speak to us, please telephone us on 01709 531572

Craft Provincial Promotion Set 1

Craft Provincial Promotion Set consisting of: ...


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Craft Provincial Promotion Set 2

Craft Provincial Promotion Set consisting of: ...


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Royal Arch Provincial Promotion Set

Royal Arch Provincial Promotion Set consisting of: ...


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Mark Provincial Promotion Set

Mark Provincial Promtoion Set consisting of: ...


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Craft Provincial Full Dress Regalia

Craft Provincial Full Dress set comprising of: !!<


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The Tercentenary of the establishment of the first ...


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Universal Working - Large Print

This book contains the complete large Ppint edition ...


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Royal and Select Masters Ritual Set

New Royal and Select Masters Ritual books. This ...


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I Greet You Well

This book contains twelve easy to read lectures ...


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York Mysteries Revealed

With Foreword by Michael Baigent ...


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